Alaska In February

Harp Mountain

Alaska was AWESOME!!! We took 5 days to drive up to Anchorage from Seattle, and it was soooooo beautiful! We had blue sky each day and passed range after range of incredible mtns! We drove through the Canadian Rockies, the Wrangells and St. Alias Range, the Coast Range, the was so great! Bliss!!! We were in awe the whole way! Then, after a couple days in Anchorage, we drove through the Alaska Range (saw Denali in all its splendor!!) on the way up to North Pole (just north of Fairbanks). I got to do my first Alaska summit too! We did Harp Mtn. in the Chugach Range. It was only a 5001 ft peak, but was about the equivalant of an 8000 ft peak here. It was really cool..not what I'm used to at all! It was all ice, rock and snow... and VERY steep! Not a tree in sight! It was a great day! I must admit though that after a couple weeks up there, I was beginning to suffer from Large Tree Withdrawl!! :) We also did a snowshoe trip out at Portage Lake...on the lake actually! We were going to go to the portage glacier, but the avalanche danger was too great. We did find a freshly killed moose though, out on the was a little creepy!! Not sure what killed it. Sort of made the hair stand up on the back of my neck! Pretty exciting stuff!! Oh yeah, we saw the northern lights on the way up too...I was really happy about that! They are so magical!

Victoria :)

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Harp Mountain
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