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mountain hiking viewHere is the hiking information you need to decide if it is right for you, and to make it more interesting, enjoyable, and safe.

Is hiking right for you? The introductory articles in the first section will help you decide.

Already a hiker or know you want to be? The second section contains articles and hiking information on topics of interest to hikers of all skill levels from the causal day hiker to the long distance ultralight backpacker.

The gear section of the web site focuses primarily on equipment, clothes, and materials for the more serious hiker, especial for those hikers interested in backpacking or overnight hikes.

Introductory information

Introduction - What hiking is all about

Why Go - Investigate the benefits of hiking

How To Hike - Learning what you need to know to enjoy hiking

Hiking Ethics - Behaving in the wilderness so we can all enjoy it

Pets in the Wilderness - Being responsible for your pets

Information to help make your hiking more enjoyable

Hiking Seasons - A gear rating system based on expected condition


What Is It? An introduction to backpacking

Why Go? The benefits of longer hikes

Gear Loads Ultra-light, light, typical, & heavy

Gear Types Organizing your gear by function

Pack Weight Looking at the load you are carrying

Going Lightweight The advantages in lightening up

Weekend Hikes Taking short backpacking trips


Lightning - Learn how to cope with lightning when caught in a storm.

Chiggers - Those little critters that you don't see, but that make you ich when they bite.

Mosquitoes - The blood suckers found world-wide

Links to Other Web Sites

Hiking - Web links to other hiking web sites.

Hiking Areas - Web links to hiking areas around the world.

Hiking Clubs - Web links to hiking organizations.

Related Activities - Links to sites about activities related to hiking, backpacking, camping, and the outdoors.

Related Information - Links to sites with information useful to hikers.

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