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This gear group is one of the little four or hiking hardware groups. It contains all of the gear that we need to keep our bodies supplied with food and water. The water related gear is gear that would be carried on virtually all hikes including day hikes. Food related gear is usually only a requirement on overnight hikes, but may be a nice addition on some day hikes for preparing a warm lunch or snack.

At a minimum this gear group might be completely empty. We could potentially carry only food that could be eaten without any preparation, and we could drink directly from water sources or use our hands to scoop up water to drink. Alas most hiking requires more kitchen gear than this though. At the very least many water supplies are of questionable purity. So even on a day hike we must carry enough water to last for the day or some means of water purification.

Water Gear The gear required to carry and purify water.

Food Gear Pots, pans, stoves, wind screens, fuel bottles, and related equipment for preparing meals. It might be easier to think of this equipment as belonging to two mini groups: stoves and related accessories, and cookware or cooking gear.

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