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Homemade Hiking Gear

Homemade hiking gear is one way to save money. It also provides the ultimate customization so your gear, is just exactly the way you want it - pockets where you want them, but not too many or a stove that's utralight and simple to use.

If you have the urge to try your hand at making some of your own gear, here are some instructions for gear that others have made to help you get started.


Homemade Folding Pads


Roy Robinson Cat Food Can Alcohol Stove


Beyond Backpacking

Beyond Backpacking: Ray Jardines Guide to Lightweight Hiking

Ray is a big proponent of homemade gear and describes how to make several items in this excellent book.

cover Sew and Repair Your Outdoor Gear
cover Sewing Outdoor Gear: Easy Techniques for Outerwear That Works

If you have instructions for making some homemade backpacking or hiking gear that you would like to share with others, please send me an email.

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